2013-01-15 23.00.38Rita Conceição
Founder/ International Director

Bahia Street Brasil was founded and is led by Rita Conceição, an African-Brazilian anthropologist and community activist. Conceição has received the World of Children and Ivy Inter-American Foundation Awards for her humanitarian work, and is a graduate of the Universidade Federal da Bahia. For most of her life, she has been a professional photographer, documenting the African-Brazilian experience in Bahia. She also leads Sou Digna/ Construindo Mulheres, a program she founded in 2011 to address the needs of poor women.   Biography of Rita Conceição

2013-01-15 23.02.33(2)Manuela Barbosa
Program Coordinator  

Bahia Street’s program is led by Manuela Barbosa, who was born and raised in Salvador.  She studied in a pre-university course through Instituto Cultural Steve Biko, a partner organization of Bahia Street. In 2010, Manuela completed her university program in education.

Manuela Barbosa has worked for six years as an elementary educator. She is knowledgeable about teaching practices that facilitate student-centered learning and overall development of knowledge based on practical experiences.  She has delivered lectures and workshops on issues of ethnic identity and social conduct and coordination of activities related to educational practice .

Manuela worked at the Institute Nextel as an educator focused on cultural access.   She works as a volunteer at the Instituto Cultural Steve Biko  and acts as storyteller with the Association Live and Let Live. Manuela teaches courses and workshops in schools on the teaching of Afro-Brazilian history.

Manuela oversees recruitment, curriculum and instruction, staff professional development, student life, and facilities related to the organization’s educational mission.